RusAF tightens the rules for licensing coaches for anti-doping rule violations.

31 Июл, 2019

The Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) has approved changes to the regulations on the licensing of coaches, which will come into force on January 1, 2020.

“Since the moment of dismissal, the Federation has systematically tightened the rules for licensing coaches. For us, this is a fundamental point. Anyone violating anti-doping rules should be prevented from working in Russian athletics. The coaches who violate the rules will be denied a license, or it will be revoked,” said RusAF President Dmitry Shlyakhtin.

The Presidium approved changes to the RusAF position on licensing coaches. Changes are associated with increased anti-doping policy. From January 1, RusAF may refuse to issue a license to a trainer in the following cases: if the trainer has an outstanding conviction for violation of anti-doping rules; if the trainer has an administrative offence for violating anti-doping rules in the course of 1 year after such a decision has been made; if more than one athlete supervised by the trainer has violated anti-doping policy during the 2-year period prior to the filing of a notice to obtain a license; if anti-doping rules have been violated. Also, changes were made to the order of license revocation.

31 Июл, 2019, press