“New Athletics”: the All-Russian Poll of Athletes

26 Июл, 2019

The Russian Athletic Federation (RusAF) announces the launch of the National Russian Comprehensive Study “New Athletics”, the results of which will be used to strengthen the anti-doping support for athletes, coaches and other professionals involved in the training of athletes.
“Our athletes need regular informational and methodological support. We see it every day. To make the support the most effective, RusAF launches a large-scale study. We want to know what is really important for athletes in anti-doping work, and what kind of support they need from the Federation. Our common goal is to make our athletes’ training as efficient as possible, and to ensure uncompromising adherence to international anti-doping rules. We just have to create the world’s best informational and methodological anti-doping support system for athletes,” said RusAF President Dmitry Shliakhtin.
A large-scale survey of athletes on various areas of anti-doping work will become the key element of the study. The purpose of this survey is to get feedback from our athletes, to determine the range of questions they need to get answers to on a daily basis.
The round table “Common Approaches to the Implementation of Anti-doping Policy in Athletics” will become the first step of the study, with the participation of coaches, athletes, specialists, leaders and members of regional federations and all interested parties. It will be held as part of the 100th Russian Athletics Championship (July 24-27, Cheboksary). Participants will discuss ways to improve the efficiency of anti-doping work in Russian athletics, strengthen control measures and optimize anti-doping education in the athletics community.
The study will be conducted as part of the implementation of RusAF programs aimed at improving anti-doping culture in Russian athletics. The programs, which RusAF plans to implement at the end of 2019-2020, will have to fully strengthen the informational and methodological support of Russian athletes in preparing for competitions at any level, including the 2020 Olympics.

26 Июл, 2019, press